Audi A6 e-tron concept previews new luxury EV sedan for 2023(Automobiles)


Audi A6e-tron generality practices new luxury EV hydrofoil for 2023


The Audi A6 e tron generality practices the Ingolstadt brand-s new electric luxury hydrofoil that-s due for labor as early as 2023, just two eras from now. As the name suggests, the labor interpretation will be part of the A6 family of directorial luxury hydrofoils and will contend the likes of the forthcoming Mercedes EQE and the Tesla ModelS.

Erected on new Premium Platform Electric (PPE PPE) edifice

Double motors produce 476hp (350kW 350kW) and 800Nm of choker

100kWh battery allows for a range of 700 km on a single charge



Audi A6 e tron range and battery

The Audi A6 e tron will get a 100kW battery pack with a range of up to 700 km in a single charge, on the WLTP cycle. It'll use an 800V electric edifice that allows for 270kW fast charging, which means it can recover about 300 km of driving range in just 10 jiffiesFurther, Audi claims the battery can be charged from 5 percent to 80 percent in just 25 jiffies.

Audi A6 e tron motors and performance

The A6 e tron generality is powered by two electric motors, one at each axle, which together produce 350kW (476hp 476hp) and 800Nm. There will likely be a highperformance RS interpretation with yea another power and performance on offerclaimed to do the 0-100kph sprint in " well under-4sec. The doublemotor setup means the A6 e tron is a' Quattro-all- wheeldrive vehicle, but subordinate renditions will be available with just a single motor on the rearward axle, and yea these are claimed to do 0-100kph in subordinate than 7sec.


audi a6 e tron ev 2023

Audi A6 e tron new PPE platform

The A6 e tron stinkpot will be reared on the VW Group-s new Premium Platform Electric (PPE PPE) EV structure, which is beingco-developed by Audi and Porsche. The platform is hoped to make its yield debut with the all-electric succeedingword Porsche Macan in 2022, and will also yield a Q6 e tron-a crossover nonrelative wheels to the A6 e tron.

Interestingly, this is the fifth platform Audi will use for its EVs, as the e tron SUV is predicated on a modified Q5 platform, the flagship e tron GT sports sportfisherman is predicated on the Porsche Taycan-s J1 platform, the China- only Q2 L e tron is predicated on the MQB platform, and the new unveiled Q4 e tron is predicated on VW Group-s MEB electric platform.

Because the PPE platform allows the batteries to sit low and flat between the axles, Audi can, for the first timeuse a common platform for low-slung vehicles and SUVs. It can also be measured up and down to provision to improved and lower parts. The A6 e tron usesmulti-link latency at the front and reverse, along with air springs, which Audi says lets it havehigh ground leave and low transportation height.

Audi A6 e tron positioning and rivals

The A6 e tron is listed to go into produce in 2023, and if the e tron GT-s transition from generalization to produce is anything to go by, there will be legion visual changes from this generality. Its breadth aren-t too far out from the current Audi A7, and yea its wheel size of 22 altitude is likely to remain for top-spec models. It'll be disposed above the current Audi A6 and A7 when it goes on deal, and its design is likely to have a strong influence on the coming411 interpretations of those buses, which will follow thereafter.

As the A6 rivals the Mercedes E Class, the A6 e tron will likely go toe-to-toe with the Stuttgart brand-s imminent EQE electric luxury hydrofoil, which will sit below the flagship Mercedes EQS. It'll also serve as a rival to lower andmid-range variants of the Tesla ModelS.

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